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Just how much of a “rematch” is Super Bowl XLVI anyway? Of the 106 players on the rosters for Super Bowl XLII, just 23 remain on Giants and Patriots rosters today. A real “rematch” happens when the all same players who bled and spat on one another in a titanic struggle meet again within the memory span of an oft-concussed brain. Like when Alabama met LSU for the national championship a couple of weeks ago and produced the unforgettable viral video of a redneck ‘bama fan placing his privates on the head of a passed-out Tiger supporter in the French Quarter after the game. (Look it up.)

Pretty much all that remains of the Giant and Pats from the last go-round are the “one-percenters.” One-percenters are uber-rich people who pay no taxes and get their feet washed for free by the unemployed. ..

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