Onward Christian Voyeurs


Perhaps if I followed celebrity “news” I wouldn’t have been as perplexed about what you are about to read. I am a celebrity news snob. I hate it; don’t know a TomKat from a polecat. I thought for the longest time that Paris Hilton was a place to sleep over, until I found out…well you know what I mean.

It would take 700 to the seventh power Carl Sagans to calculate my disdain for the stuff. I just don’t keep up, despite the mainstream media’s never-ending quest to inform me about some damn supermodel whacking her sycophants or which movie star converted to Scientology.

But I was startled out of the celebrity-free zone today when I looked at EWM’s visitor logs and discovered that an upstanding Christian Web site’s search engine was sending its disciples my way as the result of searching the phrase “Britney Spears’ vagina.”

Oh, where to begin?

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