Bush Enters Rhetorical Rehab


EWM- (Oct. 24, 2006) EWM has learned that after being stung by the embarrassment over the President’s claim that he’s “never been stay the course” after saying “stay the course” dozens of times to describe his policy in Iraq, White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten led an intervention that resulted in George W. Bush entering a rhetorical rehab center.

An insider with knowledge of the situation said, “it was long overdue. The man is walking bafflegab. He’s taken the giant step of admitting he has a problem and with the love and support of his inner circle, he’ll get through this.”

White House officials have taken the extraordinary measure of fitting Bush with a shock collar that will be controlled by Press Secretary Tony Snow. The device administers a two-hundred volt jolt whenever the President begins to say something Snow considers stupid…

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