Not all Republicans make good pets.


A guy once told me a story about a kitten he gave to his sister to help her get over a nasty break-up with her boyfriend. The girl was devastated by her beau’s departure and big brother was determined to get her out of the funk.

So he goes to this sketchy animal shelter and picks out an adorable, but half-dead kitten (my friend was on the cheap side). After a few days of warm milk and TLC, the little kitty regained its health and was presented to the grieving sister.

Soon, sister and kitten became inseparable companions and the boyfriend was forgotten. A success story that should be profiled in some cat lover magazine, were it not for what developed over time. You see, the kitty was not a cat in the Garfield sense. It was an ocelot. And it grew into a fifteen-pound leaping, clawing menace.

Once the “cat” had taken over home and property, its tyrannical rule drove away the sister’s friends. Even the brother who’d given her the creature was terrified to approach. The sister ended up isolated, but would not part with the creature that delivered her from despair…

That ocelot reminds me of the situation the Republicans find themselves in with the Christian Right…

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