O Bubba, Where Art Thou?


Today the Labor Department reported that our economy produced just 96,000 jobs in September. That sounds like a lot, but note that new grown-ups and immigration swell job demand by 150,000 in each month.

That means 54,000 more Americans got nothing to do, all day long. That means under W’s reign, when you factor population growth, America is about 7.3 million jobs short of break-even.

The Muse pines for the glory days in the Fall of ‘92 when Bill Clinton would have taken those numbers and made them into a suppository for W’s Daddy.

Bubba had the gift. He could sum-up macro-economic policy in the pluck of a banjo. Who can forget that town hall event where misty-eyed Bill stood in front of the frumpy gray-haired lady and told her “I feel your pain.” He had us at “I feel.”

But we’re not in ‘92 anymore, and though the GOP foe is strikingly similar, the challenger is not. Kerry took today’s horrific jobs data and turned it into a dissertation. This was Manna from Heaven and team-Kerry’s response should be sold as a sedative.

I kid not. Under the scintillating headline: “Statement from John Kerry on September Employment Report,” was a 97-word lead paragraph that defied every law of the modern sound-bite. Muse’s honor–nothing. See for yourself: (mercifully redacted)

“The verdict is in: With 1.6 million private sector jobs lost …first President in 72 years to face the electorate with an economy…Indeed, job creation is now 7 million jobs behind…projected in February 2002 our economy would now be….even the modest numbers of jobs created are paying $9,000 less…too often without health care and pension coverage that working families need.”

John, can you feel my pain? O Bubba, where art thou?

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