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If you walkaway, walkaway
I walkaway, walkaway…I will follow

I will follow
I will follow…

U2 “I will follow” 1980

The revolution will be transcribed 140 characters at a time. It is preordained. Twitter says so. That’s what they give me. That’s what they give everybody.

Obama’s no better than I. I’m no better than that fellow who takes my trash. He’s no better, no worse than me or Obama. One-hundred forty characters baby. It’s Marx on a stick.

The short form, they call it. So be it. You can call me @eyewitnessmuse. It’ll be an extension of this. Only 140 characters at a time.

I admittedly have a problem condensing what I have to say to such constraints. I can’t sneeze in 140 characters, let alone ponder life’s great questions and present them in such a way that you, dear reader, will find it sufficiently compelling to relate it to your own life.

I’ve been at this blog long enough to know it produces more misses than hits. Nevertheless, since its inception in 2004, EWM has had about a half-million page views. That comprises visits from the acquainted, the curious, the accidental and the robotic. The weird and whimsical also produced large clusters of visitors.

A white supremist blog took a liking to a parody about Bush’s service record (freaked me out). A note of encouragement after a terror attack, “London Calling,” produced grateful emails from folks who were there and just wanted to talk it out (uplifting). And my favorite random confluence, documented in “Onward Christian Voyeurs,” in which thousands of young evangelicals flocked to this site in search of Britney Spears’ vagina (I’m not making that up).

I adore this medium’s ability to bring together those who otherwise would not be together. We are wildly disparate yet bound by powerful forces, love, fear, angst, desire…

One day a fellow from Canada sent me an email that summed it up in way less than 140 characters. He said, “been here for a couple hours. I laughed and I cried.”

That made me feel very reassured because that’s what I do too. If you choose to follow, we can laugh and cry together.

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