Twenty Questions with the Muse


If its bark is worse than its bite can it cause rabies too?

Why can I simply “watch” something, but I have to “listen to” it?

Why are loveseats too short for standard missionary sex?

Can you challenge the person sitting in the exit row’s ability to perform under pressure?

What does a shark jump?

Why does the Parmesan/Romano blend cost more than either the Parmesan or the Romano?

If it is scented, shouldn’t they call it “reodorant"?

If you have enough credit on the card, why can’t you charge your payment?

Shouldn’t a guy named “Rush” have been hooked on uppers instead of downers?

If it’s a pair of pants where is the other one?

Why does my cat do her business neatly in the box, but leave every abomination she coughs-up where I’m certain to step in it?

If it’s a “rehearsal” dinner when is the real one?

Have you ever put a dead iguana in a total stranger’s glove box? (yes)

Can I ask for chopsticks in an Italian restaurant?

Why is it socially acceptable to publicly scratch all but the places most likely to itch?

Where did all those eight-track tapes go?

If I search “I’m not interested in anything,” in Google, why does it give me 28,400,000 results?

Will dry cleaning ruin your wetsuit?

If Fox reports and I decide why are they still reporting?

Why isn’t being generalized a very important version of being deputized?

By popular demand: Twenty More!

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