The best excuse for not being somewhere I ever heard came from a lighting guy explaining to the director why he showed up for the dress rehearsal late, bloody and tripping. “I broke my thumb, missed an elaborate dinner party and puked.”

There you go. I’ll cop to that.

To those that wrote pondering the Muse’s 110 day break since the last post, I say many thanks for your interest and kind words.

I’d like to say I’ve been on sabbatical. But that implies you learned how to do something useful like meditate or macrame. The Muse’s break doesn’t rise to that level. So we’ll call it a hiatus.

In truth, since the last post I’ve traveled from Hong Kong to the heart of Appalachia. But I returned without enlightenment or a banjo.

But it’s still a pretty good place to start. Welcome to EWM version 2006.

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